Self-Vacuum Cleaning & Vending Machine

    Unlike the outside of your car, you can’t always see the mess that could be lurking within your car’s interior. Whilst the dust, dirt, and crumbs on the surface may be visible, what you can’t see is all the extra gunk that can gather in your car’s carpet and down the sides and under your seats! Keeping your car’s upholstery clean will not only help to keep you safe and healthy from dust mites and mould but will prolong the life of the interior too.

    Vacuum Cleaning At Lower Prices

    The vacuums here at Mudgeeraba Car & Dog Wash use the latest turbo vac motors to help you remove even the most stubborn dirt and grime. We also offer a variety of spray on fragrances that aid in keeping your car smelling fresh and clean. Prices start from $1 for $2min. Credit card payment available.

    Inside our vending machine, you’ll find the now-famous “Little Trees” interior fresheners, Armour All vinyl protection, window cleaner, bug and tar remover, tyre shine and chamois along with cold soft drinks and water.

    Our vacuum cleaners and vending machines

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