Small Business Marketing Tactics

Small-scale business marketing is a highly specialized field that many established businesses devote a whole department to, but that doesn’t mean that smaller businesses aren’t able to effectively reach and keep a loyal customer base. Smaller businesses can develop and sustain their brands through various strategies including online marketing and traditional strategies like billboards and printing ads.

Online marketing, including an online presence for your business as well as profiles on social media, is an important component of any marketing strategy for small-sized companies. A well-designed website provides vital information about your business, including your products and services. It also includes the location of your business, operating hours along with pricing and contact information. Small business websites can also serve as an ecommerce platform, where you sell products and services to consumers directly.

In addition to having an online presence, small-sized businesses can also use traditional methods to market themselves, like distributing advertisements in newspapers, coupon books, or participating in trade shows and farmers markets. A popular way to boost brand awareness is to partner up with influencers. These are people with a large following on platforms such as Instagram or YouTube.

An effective and clear marketing strategy is crucial for any small-scale business. In fact, our results from our survey show that most small businesses plan to boost their marketing efforts throughout the year. Email and Facebook were the two methods of marketing which yielded the highest ROI on investment. Paid digital ads and content marketing completed the top five. Direct mail, SMS marketing, and Twitter on the other hand, had a lower return.

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