Self Service

    Here at Mudgeeraba Car & Dog Wash, we have 4 fully equipped self-service wash bays which all have their own vacuum and fragrance stations. Our self-serve wash bays use only the highest quality soaps and waxes which are tough on dirt whilst being gentle on your car. Our quality Armour All products will have your car looking at its best in no time. So, if you’re the type of person that likes to bask in the glory of a clean car knowing full well that you did the work yourself, then our self-serve wash bays are the perfect option for you and your car.

    • Pre Soak
      Loosens road film and grime. Apply to the entire car to have a superior clean.
    • Tyre & Engine
      Apply product to surface to be cleaned, allow to soak then wash off.
    • Soap wash
      Pull the trigger for high pressure soap. The soap runs from top to down, making it easier to clean.
    • Spot free rinse
      Spray from top to bottom to rinse off excess wax and have a spot free appearance.
    • Foaming brush
      A powerful detergent to remove the stubborn dust and grime from your car.
    • Rinse
      Rinse from top to down using high pressure water, underneath your vehicle and wheels.
    • Splatter wax
      Carnauba wax is a high foaming polish to give your vehicle a hand waxed softness and shine.
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